24. 630


6:30 PM @ the Nokomis drum circle….beauitful evening on the beach right before sunset. Used an app on my iphone 4S for the tilt shift effect. Love playing with the fun apps on my smart phone. The app is called “TiltShiftGen” Check it out, it is a ton of fun.


19. wealth

wealth 2


Once again been busy with my iphone 4S…which seems to be what I take most of my photos with lately. My husband and I were invited to a Garden Party on Casey Key last weekend for a job which he did all of the decorative stone work. It was for a Japanese Garden that cost roughly $4,000,000 to build….can you say “WOW”, but I am chosing “Wealth” for this theme. It was amazingly beautiful to walk thru and enjoy the unique settings through out the Garden on the Bay. In Chinese they had a plaque that said “Mother’s Garden” Just amazing and was so excited to see it first hand. Here is a couple of photos that I captured of this beautiful property.

44. red, white and blue

Working on a few photo projects lately to get me motivated to shoot more. I am doing a “day in my life” and documenting daily things thru out my day and this was what I had for breakfast…the minute I started to post it to instagram all I could see was RED, WHITE and BLUE…so of course I had to use it for my 52 week challenge…


46. it’s moving…


Downtown Sarasota for a New Years Celebration we enjoyed a great block party with music, food, and carnival rides. Love capturing this one. Moving fast as the kids enjoyed the thrill and I enjoyed the beautiful colors and motion for this shot.

33. on a farm

photo18 (1000x750)

photo20 (768x1024)

I could not have been more excited on my recent road trip to Augusta, ga. when I drove past this Christmas Tree Farm. I had to pull in and get some photos. It is on my bucket list to one day cut down my very own Christmas Tree…If I hadn’t already bought my tree I would have cut one down and drove it all the way to Florida with me. Heaven!!!!

3. change of time

so….I have been really behind on my 52 weeks photography challenge.  so…..to start off 2013 on a  “do” more note which is my “one little word” to live by in 2013,  I am going to “do” this photography challenge as it was intended for me to “do”.  I will start off by getting as caught up as I possibly can.  With that said I have recently got an iphone and have found myself taking more photos with the iphone then my canon 7d…it is just so easy.  I know what you are thinking…I use to say that all the time too, “why do people take all their photos with a cell phone”  that is crazy get out your camera and take some amazing shots.  Well I have found that it so much easier than carrying around my heavy, but wonderful camera and I have gotten a bit lazy, and to tell you the truth, the iphone doesn’t take half bad photos.  I have gotten addicted to instagram and love to play around with the filters…what I am getting at is that you will be seeing several photos taken with my iphone and/or using instagram…I do promise though to pull out my camera and get creative. 

I have recently being some long over due photo shoots for several returning clients over the holiday and I must say it felt good to be behind the camera shooting again….so long story short here is one of my photos for this theme 3. change of time.  Fitting you see because it is definitely a change of times when all of your kids have their nose stuck in a iphone, ipad, ipod, a kindle, or even a laptop, and should I say…. me too, since this photo was actually taken with my iphone 4s and I used instagram to share the photo….”Change of time” indeed.                                    

Merry technology Christmas to the Bolyard family.

 I just love this photo!

photo (1024x768)

52. a calm moment

week 14

a beautiful key west, florida morning…this  “calm moment” i had on the ocean side of key west before starting out what would be a fun but much busier day in key west. with a mimosa in hand i snapped this my new iPhone using instagram.  I am amazed at the great shots you can get with an iPhone and i had a fun playing around with instgram all weekend.   This is my favorite photo of my weekend away…

42. walking downtown

week 9

last Sunday I enjoyed a nice day out with my mom and daughter.  Went for lunch at Columbia’s (one of our favorites) and took a walk around St Armands Circle…It is not offically downtown but it has that small town feel of a downtown, just like Venice Ave. Reminds me of a “Main Street USA” kinda of a thing..and I love that.  I also love street photography and  this is the photo I captured as we enjoyed a nice Sunday stroll… I also love street photography in black & white…


37. seeing clearly


week 8

Seeing things more clearly…..Spent this past Sunday at clearwater beach.  Had a function with my husbands soccer team and took the team up there to Surf Style to do some Flow riding…(if you want to check out flow rider click the link…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1H7l81vg58 

This was the view of Clearwater Beach from the second floor….I sometimes forget how lucky we are to live in Florida and have these beautiful beaches all around us…”clearly”  I need to enjoy this more often!!!